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Does your child ever ask you “Please can you help me with my homework?”

Quite often parents are confronted by an uncomfortable moment when the work that the child is doing overwhelms them and they are stuck for an answer. This is RKSTB is positioned so well in Delhi to assist when this moment happens.

RKSTB is the Best Tutor Providing Agency in Delhi and NCR. Sun is the most prominent feature of our solar system and gives us life. Equivalently, RKSTB is the heart of Private Tutoring in Delhi and giver of best knowledge for students. RKSTB’s largest network of private tutors in Delhi makes it the most evident among other agencies.

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Whatever is old is actually valued as gold. Old people are the inspirations for the new ones having wisdom due to experience. Having experience of generations (Now we are serving the second generation), RKSTB is the choice of students .RK Sharma Tutor Bureau is celebrating Silver Jubilee in the year 2011 as it is evergreen since 1986.

At RKSTB, we look forward to serve your Tutoring needs by targeting the student’s specific needs and strengthening the student’s study habits and critical thinking skills, we empower the student to achieve his or her full academic potential. At RKSTB, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. If you plan to hire a tutor for Math, Chemistry, Accounting, Physics, English, Science, Economics you will always find the best quality and the best service at RKSTB. No other Tutoring Company in Delhi offers better service than RKSTB.

As you know, it takes a special person to be a good teacher. Teaching and tutoring are both challenging and rewarding careers. RKSTB believes that there are many characteristics that make a great tutor:

Because of our Outstanding Service and Qualified Tutors, our Clients are from all over Delhi. RKSTB thanks you for giving us an opportunity to earn your business. We pride ourselves on finding the perfect tutor to fit your needs. We make the process of finding a tutor hassle free.


This is not just a slogan but we guarantee Success, Results and Satisfaction.

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A tree is known by the fruit it bears, we are known by the Tutors we provide. We are in the field of providing quality home tutors since 1986 with an experience of now more than 25 years. Contact us now and we guarantee to deliver the best tutor at your doorstep. You would definitely be glad to contact us :

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